What We Look For

Market changes that enable a new big business
We like investing in startups either creating new industry categories or disrupting a large, existing markets with a 10x better product or service that wasn’t possible before.

Demonstrate that you hire better than yourself
We’ve found the universal hallmark of great companies is the ability of founders to attract and hire exceptional candidates, raising the bar of the company with each successive hire.

Some evidence of market fit
Be prepared to show us evidence of a clear market insertion point. We need to see early traction, because we’ve learned data is the best evidence of what resonates and what doesn’t with consumers.

Our Manifesto

Invest in People Before Ideas

We know the types of people we are looking for. We invest in experts — authentic founders who are the best at what they do. Having a big idea matters, but being the person who can make it a reality matters even more.

The Journey Is Just As Important As The Destination

Yes, the destination is critical: we are in the business of helping build world-changing companies that create tremendous value. We strive to be the investor you want to call, not the one you have.

Integrity Matters

Open, honest and direct communication is important. We believe in respect first and foremost. We back the people and the companies we believe in, and would state our word on.

We Act Fast & With Deep Conviction

We make decisions quickly, often going from first meeting to a funding decision in a week. We know entrepreneurs work around the clock and we’re there whenever they need us.

Work Hard

Big ideas change the world. Building a business on top of a big idea takes hard work and sacrifice. Our founders work hard and we work to give them an unfair advantage by being a multiplier on their efforts.

But, Also Play Hard

We believe that your abilities are not confined to just how you perform when working. Your creativity, drive and ambition are defined by everything in your life. You have to be all-in and you have to be focused.

Our Industries

Digital & Tech

We’ve built several tech companies ourselves, and know what both entrepreneurs and investors need.


We’ve developed and invested in trade finance and a peer-to-peer lending platform with our entrepreneurs.


Knowledge is power, and our startups are looking to disrupt thousands of years of education with game-changing solutions.

Who Are We

We Are Entrepreneurs

myVentureCapital was born out of the idea that the best support for an entrepreneur is another entrepreneur. Over the last 10 years, we’ve created business from scratch which have achieved revenues of over £250m, and exited successfully. We’ve built up a network of entrepreneurs, investors and business experts across the world with the aim of supporting high growth companies achieve their potential.

Contact Us

Email: info@myventurecapital.co.uk
Address: myVentureCapital,
Portman Square,
London W1U 3AA